Fit Outs

Bangs Boutique offers a wide range of furnishings and fixtures along with customisation of designs to suit the home, office or café restaurant environment. Most designs throughout this website can be customised including materials used and scale and finish of design.

A variety of reclaimed timbers and finishes are available. This includes species, thickness and grade of hardwood. Along with water based lacquers, oils and stains. All elements will be beneficial to the piece and affect the tone, feel and longevity of the item depending on its desired purpose. Whether it indoors, outdoors, home or commercial.

Steel design and fabrication is a large part of our service and is all under the same roof at our Collingwood, Melbourne studio.

Commercial fit out services are available for small to large scale projects including collections of tables of varied sizes, full bar structures including frames with speed racks and shelving with hardwood tops to coffee service benches/kitchen passes and Cake display units, Banquet seating, bottle storage and feature walls. All can be tailored to suit budget and overall direction of the project or venue.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss designs and custom orders for your home, business or future project.